General Forum on Ethereum Localism

Status: Proposal published; Accepting applications; Planning ongoing
October 13-15, 2023 | Portland, OR
Our intention for this convening is to create a container where the Ethereum community can elaborate for itself, in a plurality of directions, what Ethereum localism can mean and look like. While we know the cultural imagination will outdo us, some examples might include:
  • EVM-enabled monetary localism – mutual credit networks, community tokens, circular economies, and other exotic programmable solutions to the problem of extra-local economic extraction.
  • DAOs as a tool of the urban commons - economic solidarity blocs for individuals (housing protection, unions, grassroots campaigns) and businesses (as mutual safety nets to protect against extractive megacorps), issue-specific grassroots fundraising sprints, and commons infrastructure management.
  • The premise that local food and material production systems are aligned with the Ethereum ethos of decentralization, security through redundancy, economic autonomy, and applied systems thinking.
This event is targeted to crypto-natives, and will broadly focus on the question of localism and web3. (The question of specific project applications and grassroots causes in the city of Portland will be left to Local Rounds as this forum’s compliment). A series of small tours and work parties will be hosted in the days leading up to the event to expose the community to some of the local projects in our orbit.