Local Rounds

Status: Planning
Quarterly fundraising drive and buidl sprint for commons infrastructure in Portland Oregon. Each quarterly round will take a different sector of the urban commons as its object in a month-long cycle of awareness, inter-education (between builders and designers and the communities we’re engaging), participatory solutions design, and fundraising, ending in a hackathon. Protocols will build relationships with communities. Portlanders will be onboarded to web3. Crypto-natives will learn mind-bending things from communities. Participants will be rewarded with POAPs.
Round cycle (as currently envisioned) Round 1: Urban Farms and Community Gardens Round 2: Makerspaces, Hackerspaces, Art Collectives Round 3: Worker Coopertives, Platform Cooperatives & Experimental Enterprises Round 4: TBD
In each case, the community will be brought to bear for small events, teach-ins, tours and work parties on locations (local urban farms and gardens, for ex.) while community members will be invited to small talks and onboarding events put on by PDX DAO and any web3 volunteers. The structure is designed so that the hackathon occurs only after builders have had time to be immersed in and hang out with the communities they’re building for. Products of the hackathon are, of course, only provocations meant to create a relationship and design path that can live on, in different cities and future projects.